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Load up with this super easy recipe. Original recipe here. 

Sweet! It's breakfast time. Original recipe here.

Light and fluffy bites of deliciousness. Original recipe here.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This quick and easy recipe from...
Serves 1
Power breakfast for the whole family. Original recipe here. 
Serves 4
Eggs made perfect for the whole family in just a few minutes. Original recipe here. 

Eggcellence is guaranteed every time. Original recipe here.
Serves 1
Some guilt-free sweet indulgence. Original recipe here.

Real easy and quick fluffy tastes of heaven to get you going in the morning. Original...

Breakfast of champions, the Mexican way. Original recipe here.
Serves 2
Very easy to make and perfect to share with a small family. Original recipe form...

1This recipe is salad as rock