Simple Vegetables

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Flavour filled nutrition in just a few minutes. Perfect to add to a dish or on its...

A perfect sauce every time. Original recipe here.

"A west African recipe. Use as a side dish or serve over rice or couscous as a vegetarian...
Serves 4
Less fat, and cooks in 15 min. Original recipe here. 
Serves 2
Great flavour and filled with nutritional goodness. Original recipe here. 
Serves 8
Rich and creamy, easy to do mushroom side. Original recipe here. 

No meat, no problem!   Original recipe here.
Serves 4
Keeping it green and lean. Original recipe here. 

Creamy thyme mushrooms and sweet, roasted butternut - a delicious and comforting...
Serves 2
Delicious winter warmer for the whole family to enjoy. Full Recipe from Food24 here.

Smooth, creamy and easy to make butternut soup.

Winter warmer packed with flavour.   Original recipe here. 
Serves 6