Komucha Ice Tea Cocktails

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Komucha Ice Tea Cocktails

Quick, easy fun and refreshing way to cool you down this summer.


- Mutea Squid Komucha Ice Tea (Any Flavour)

- Crushed ice

- Frozen berries, and pomegranate gems (optional)

- herbs for garnishing

- Alcohol of your choice (optional)


1.  In a tall double glass, fill the glass 3/4 full of crushed ice.

2.  Add some frozen berries to the glass.

3.  Fill the glass with Kombucha ice tea, leaving some space at the top for garnishing.

4. Top with some herbs for garnishing.

5.  Sip and enjoy.

6.  If you would like your cocktail to have a kick, add a shot of alcohol after step 2.


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