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Steak Braai and Pauli's Anytime Brinjal & Peppers


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Quick and easy way to make delicious steaks over the coals with a gourmet twist.


- 2 Beef Rump Steaks 

- 100 g Melted Butter

- 4 Tbsps of Pauli's Anytime Brinjal & Peppers

- 125 ml Cram

- Salt and Pepper

- Hot braai


1. Mix Butter, salt and pepper in a small bowl and brush over the steaks generously.

2. Place the steaks over your hot braai for about 3 minutes each side or to your own liking. Making sure each side is cooked evenly.

3. Remove steaks from braai and wrap in foil to rest. 

4. In a small sauce pan on medium to low heat, add the Pauli's Anythime Brinjal & Peppers and cream and heat together for 1 min.

5. Serve the sauce on top of your steaks with a side of your choice and enjoy.


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