Plant-Based Box

Plant-Based Box

R 599.00/

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Cold Pressed Extra virgin Olive Oil, (500 ml)
R 129.00
R 39.00
Almonds (raw, organic)
R 70.00
Black Olive Tapenade 375g
R 81.00
Breakfast Muesli
R 60.00
ButtaNut 100% Almond
R 88.00
ButtaNut Cocoa Macadamia
R 70.00
Cashew nuts pieces (plain organic)
R 77.00
Deluxe Burger Patties (Vegan)
R 85.00
Falafel (Vegan)
R 67.00
Grapefruit Juice (2-pack)
R 40.00
Grapefruit Juice (4-pack)
R 78.00
Green Olive Tapenade 375g
R 81.00
Irene's Basil Pesto 180g
R 66.00
Orange Juice (2-pack)
R 40.00
Orange Juice (4-pack)
R 78.00
Organic Chamomile Tea
R 48.00
Organic Coffee (Beans)
R 85.00
Organic Coffee (Ground)
R 89.00
Organic Corn Chips
R 57.00
Organic Green Rooibos Tea
R 49.00
Seasonal Vegetable Crisps
R 37.00
Vegan Bread
R 72.00

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This one’s for the vegan-friendly families! Filled with lots of delicious fresh produce, our Plant-Based Box is perfect for any vegetarian, happy hungry families.


What you get:


7-10 organically grown, seasonal fruits & vegetables*

1 freshly baked and vegan friendly, artisanal breads*

1 artisanal, vegan friendly surprise product*

2L Almond Milk*

2 Jars Vegan Cheese*

*Each week, the selection of fruits & veggies, and the types of cheese and bread changes. The surprise product is also different. We love keeping it fresh! 


We know that all families are different, and so we offer full flexibility within our boxes, to swop certain items out for others. You can also add on extra fresh produce, snacks, pantry items and more.  So you can tailor our boxes to suit your family’s needs. 


From the farmers to the bakers, all our partners take exceptional care in their craft. All our products are made / produced in South Africa, with most of our fresh produce coming from Joburg and surrounds. We support many amazing small-scale farmers, and other small suppliers and businesses, and we believe in fair pay across the supply chain, making sure everyone gets paid what they deserve.


Please note that images give an indication only and actual products will vary from week to week.

What's in it?

Tomatoes 1kg
Tomatoes 1kg, 1
no description available ...see more

Brinjal , 1
no description available ...see more

Low Carb Nut & Seed Granola (450g)
Low Carb Nut & Seed Granola (450g), 1
Fresh, wholesome and straight from the Farm, this granola is sugar-free, grain-free, gluten-free and dairy-free! Delicious and healthy!   450g box of granola   This...see more

Button mushrooms
Button mushrooms, 1
no description available ...see more

Bananas 1kg
Bananas 1kg, 1
no description available ...see more

Pak Choi
Pak Choi, 1
no description available ...see more

Rocket 100g
Rocket 100g, 1
no description available ...see more

Sourdough, 1
Freshly baked, crispy crusted, soft centred, mouth-watering artisanal bread. Hand crafted with stone ground flour by a local bakery. Free of preservatives. Absolutely...see more

Carrots 1kg
Carrots 1kg, 1
no description available ...see more

SURPRISE (Plant Based box)
SURPRISE (Plant Based box), 1
no description available ...see more

Mozzarella Style cheese Vegan Cheese
Mozzarella Style cheese Vegan Cheese, 1
Vegan Mozzarella Style cheese from Irene's Gourmet...see more

Buttanut Almond Milk, Locally produced by Buttanut located in Capetown. Ingredients: Water, Gluten free oats, Almonds(3%), salt, Calcium Carbonate, Acidity regulator...see more

Vegan Cheddar Cheese
Vegan Cheddar Cheese, 1
no description available ...see more
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