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Munch Pack

Munch Pack

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Healthy snacks just got exciting, with our range of good-for-you, delicious Munch packs! 

Designed in partnership with a paediatric dietitian, Lindsay Archibald-Durham, our Munch Packs are filled with protein, healthy fats and wholegrain carbohydrates, to keep you and your family going. Each Munch Pack includes 10 delicious, healthy snacks, that you can take to work or school, as and when you need to. Got a long day at the office? Grab a packet of crisps and a bag of nuts to keep you energised! Lots of extra-mural activities after school? An energy bar and a packet of biltong will boost concentration levels!


The snack selection is varied, and full of different flavours, and can include biltong, nuts, dried fruit, energy bars, crisps, popcorn and more.

·       All of our snacks are free of preservatives and refined sugars

·       Only natural sweeteners are used, such as fruit and honey

·       All ingredients are natural, locally sourced and organic where possible


Like our Munch Packs? Pair them with one of our Drinking Yoghurt Packs for a wholesome and healthy snack selection.


Please note (Allergy Warning): our Munch Packs include nuts, dairy, gluten and wheat. Unfortunately, we are not able to tailor the packs to suit individual dietary requirements and preferences at this stage.

This product cannot be purchased as a stand alone item, and may only be added to one of the main food box options (even if less regularly than your standard order). The weekly specials change regularly, and products are subject to availability.

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