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Aloedale Farms

Location: Midrand

Aloedale Farm is based in Midrand. Merryn grows amazing organic produce. She also works closely with other farmers to source a wide variety of organically grown fruits and veggies that make their way into your boxes each week!

Anything from Aloedale Farms this week?
Beetroot Baby Potatoes Baby marrows Cucumber Green beans Cabbage Kale Hubbard Squash (PORTION) Peppadew Mielies (Large individual) Prickly Pear Mixed chillies Sweet potatoes Lemons Morogo (wild spinach) Lemongrass Seasonal Herb Mix Mixed heirloom beans Crystal Apple Cucumbers Thai Herb & Spice Pack Horned cucumbers Heirloom Grapefruits (4-pack) Baby onions Fresh Rosemary Garlic chives Fresh mint

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Office Hours:
Mon-Thurs 9-5
Fri 9-4

+27 (0) 76 315 5451
[email protected]

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