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Vendor: Dutch Goat Farm

Location: Randfontein
Food Miles: 31 miles

Dutch Goat Farm was started by Marian Chaney-Ruesink. She grew up in The Netherlands and studied Tropical Agriculture. She worked at a dairy farm in The Netherlands for several years. Then she met her South African partner and lives in South Africa since 2011 . That is how Dutch Goat Farm started.

At Dutch Goat Farm we’d love to share with you our nutritious and oh so delicious goat’s milk and cheese.  The benefits of goat’s milk are now available for you to enjoy, take a look at just a few:  goat’s milk is more easily digested than cow’s milk and so will often work well for people allergic to cow’s milk. It contains many vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids. For some more interesting facts click here.


Our goat’s milk comes from the beautiful Saanen breed, which originates from Switzerland and is bred especially for their milk. The goats can walk freely in the “goat hotel”, a spacious barn with fresh bedding added every day. They get a well balanced diet of all the nutrients they need to produce the best quality milk.


The goat’s get milked twice a day with a special milking machine developed for goats. After milking the milk is stored cold immediately. The milk is pasteurised to keep its freshness and taste.


Goat’s milk can be stored in the freezer, because of its unique structure. This way you can store the milk longer, which makes it easier to keep. For that reason you’ll often find the goat’s milk in the frozen department of the shop.


Goats are curious and intelligent animals. They keep their chin up, head high and look around with their sparkling eyes. Spend a little time with our goats and they will keep you laughing and give you a fresh view on the world around you.

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