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We are a young passionate company that believes in old-fashioned principles.
We believe that integrity and honesty are the roots to long lasting relationships and we believe that family is important. We are passionate about looking after you, your tummy and the environment – while having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously… We do love a good laugh!

We believe that doing good results in, well, good! By doing good in our business practices, we create an environment in which good will come to our customers, the world around us and ourselves. Maningi’s (our mascot) name means “plenty” in Shona, and we try to live up to his name – providing plenty of goodness, plenty of value and plenty of joy!

“Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.” Dorothy Day
It is a major drive of ours to help others – we love what we do, and in the process we get to enjoy the good things in life, but while we do we are also all too aware that there are so many others that are not as fortunate.

We support a number of causes and we try to provide healthy and high quality produce to those that ordinarily might not have access to such good food. Every month a portion of our earnings goes towards sourcing and providing the same quality food that we and our customers enjoy, and donating it to Abraham Kriel Children’s Home.  Abraham Kriel rehabilitate, care for and educate abused and abandoned children – www.abrahamkriel.org

The highlight of our month is the donation delivery we do to these kids!

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