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5 top tips for using MM and buying organic ethical produce

1. Organically-grown produce is good for you and your family and the world around us, making for healthy, happy people as well as environment.

2. All our produce comes from local farmers, and helps to support them and their community. It also encourages them to keep doing what they’re doing! We pay fair value down the entire supply chain, making sure that the producers earn what they deserve.

3. You get everything delivered to your door, and with our range of add on products, you’ll be visiting the shops less and less! Saving you time, stress and money.

4. By buying from The Munching Mongoose you have great produce and more time so you can involve your family, your kids, your friends and loved ones. Cook together, eat together, share the love! 

5. You are awesome. We are awesome. Lets all be awesome together.



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