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Sunday Sizzle


Sunday Sizzle

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If bacon’s your thing, then this is the box for you! Sizzling bacon and sausages and a little chorizo to spice things up! Sourced from local, ethical farms, all the meat is certified free-range and grass-fed, free of growth hormones and routine antibiotics. The most comprehensive and rigorous audit trail is followed to ensure the traceability and authenticity of every product. Here's some more info on Braeside Butchery. 


3 x 250g steaky bacon

3 x 250g back bacon

1 x 300g Lamb sausage

1 x 300g Pork sausage

1 x +/-225g chorizo


This product cannot be purchased as a stand alone item, and may only be added to one of the main food box options (even if less regularly than your standard order). Items may vary depending on weekly availability, and weights will be as close as possible, but may not be exact to the gram. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

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