I absolutely love your service, love receiving the surprise too your cheeses are the highlight! -Lindy Black
Bi-Weekly Mini Bag Order , March 8, 2021

Thank you so much for a beautiful crate of lovely produce, dairy and eggs! I'm so chuffed and very much impressed! Wow :-)
And thank you for my beautiful welcome gift of Stellar wine - such a lovely surprise. Am grateful as this feels like my belief in great service has become true!
Your delivery guy was such a dear too, smiley and friendly.
Keep it up, I'll be ordering again
-Ingrid van Heerden
Midi Box , August 12, 2019

"Just got my first order and everything looks divine! Friendly and efficient service as well, all while saving the environment!" -Carla Goede
Mini Bag , July 26, 2019

Our first order arrived this morning - much to the excitement of the WHOLE family! I'm totally impressed! Thank you so much. -Sharon, Bryanston
Midi Box , November 4, 2018

I have been delighted with your service and goods! I will not hesitate to recommend you! -Jean, Fourways
Mini Bag , July 30, 2018

It's always great to look forward to receiving our MM delivery. While some items are more appreciated by some in the household, everything goes down well. Receiving interesting things that we would not usually buy is good  - it forces us to vary our diet more and reconnect with some foods long abandoned.  Generally the quality of everything is top notch! -Steve, Sandton
Midi Box , July 30, 2018

I'm really chuffed with the service, the products and the professionalism of what you do and your efficiency is amazing. Love the messaging in the boxes, your communication and the functionality of the site is very easy and intuitive. Love what you do and I feel it is great value. -Craig, Houghton Estate
Midi Box , July 13, 2018

Absolutely loving the service and products. You are awesome and have an amazing service.  I also love that you are working hard to reduce plastic. -Isabelle, Midrand
Midi Box , July 13, 2018

Thanks for your great service- your Thursday boxes make my day! -Jacqui, Midrand
Maxi Box , May 31, 2018

The service and products are divine! I love the fresh goods and in particular the different cheeses. They are all so good! -Natalie, Forest Town
Midi Box , May 17, 2018

I get so excited every Thursday evening when I know that I'm getting a new Munching Mongoose delivery the next day! You guys are great. Thank you! -Melanie, Berario
Midi Box , May 17, 2018

We have so enjoyed our weekly boxes - ours often arrives in time for that first cup of coffee on a Friday morning (which is completely delicious with such fresh milk in it), and it is just the best start to our weekend!  -Jenna, East Rand
Midi Box , April 18, 2018

The Mongoose team never cease to impress us with the incredible produce, amazing newsletters, and great tips and insights! -Cameron, Sunninghill
Mini Bag , April 2, 2018

We enjoyed a glass of milk this morning after our early morning delivery, and a slice of ciabatta. What a wonderful wholesome way to start a day. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to enjoy our milk! I will not purchase commercial milk. Haven’t for years. The cows plight is just too awful to ‘look the other way’. So thank you Munching Mongoose and Mooberry! -Gill, Randburg
Mini Bag , March 29, 2018

We're loving the fresh food and have no complaints. Well done for reducing the amount of plastic packaging, we absolutely love this too. So overall we are very happy with the products and services! -Marc, Woodmead
Low Carb Box , March 22, 2018

The service at The Munching Mongoose is fantastic! -Candice, Randburg
Midi Box , March 20, 2018

We are so impressed with your service so far! You guys have been on the ball and really attentive. The website is also really easy and straight forward to use :) We look forward to receiving more wonderful produce! -Tanya, Johannesburg
Midi Box , March 5, 2018

Time and again when I sit down to dinner and share with my husband a special note from the Mongoose delivery, or how they went out of their way to inform us, help us, spoil us with a new surprise, we're amazed at the level of service. We talk about how much we love the service with our friends. It really is a business model that more companies should follow: be dependable, affordable, make it easy to understand and use, deliver great products, and treat your customers like you value them - all the time. -Naomi, Blairgowrie
Mini Bag , March 1, 2018

I am LOVING the deliveries. The produce is great and certainly forces me to be more creative in my meal-making. And as a busy mom I really appreciate the weekly guaranteed delivery of a good amount of basic, healthy food.  Keep up the great work and please let your staff know they are doing a great job! -Medeine, Houghton
Mini Bag , March 1, 2018

Thank you once again for the most outstanding service from you! You really have been absolutely incredible in explaining how and where from Munching Mongoose sources your produce and why you have chosen the suppliers you have. And I truly appreciate your efforts to keep me satisfied as a client. You set yourself apart as an organisation who really cares about their clients, and their environment. I remain a very loyal supporter of Munching Mongoose. -Michelle, Craighall
Mini Bag , March 1, 2018

There's a lot that we love about MM, healthy food to our door, outstanding service, great company ethics, our young kids get super excited when the box arrives each week (they are not great eaters so this helps them to have a healthier, enjoyable relationship with good food). Thanks!! -Caron, Edenvale
Mini Bag , March 1, 2018

Think your concept service and delivery is great. Thank you for everything you do! -Natalie, Bedfordview
Mini Bag , March 1, 2018

Outstanding service, excellent products, very happy overall! Your Thursday deliveries make my day- thank you!  -Jacqui, Midrand
Maxi Box , March 1, 2018

I enjoy receiving 'exotic' vegetables. A special one was the rhubarb and eggplant (now I make mini-pizzas with these!) Thanks for a great service and enabling our family in living healthier!!!    -Zeurika, Centurion
Low Carb Box , March 1, 2018

You guys are awesome! -Cecilia, Sandton
Mini Bag , March 1, 2018

I love the concept, no one is allowed to unpack the box until I get home and see what’s in it. -Debbie, Bryanston
Mini Bag , March 1, 2018

The Munching Mongoose is now on our necessity list. -Heidi, Lonehill
Mini Bag , March 1, 2018

Ordering from The Munching Mongoose has been life changing for me. As a working mom to have the convenience of delivery and the confidence to know that what is arriving, will actually arrive and be of top quality, is amazing. -Jane, Parkwood
Maxi Box , March 1, 2018

We adore The Munching Mongoose. Your produce is second to none and you have actually converted my child from somebody who wasn’t interested in healthy food to someone who just can't wait for it to arrive. -Annie, Johannesburg
Mini Bag , March 1, 2018

The Munching Mongoose is the only company that really cares and focuses on all the little things. Everything is so perfect and I know I can trust in what we are getting from you. -Delia, Florida Hills
Midi Box , March 1, 2018

Thank you for everything you did for us during 2017! You are the highlight of every week, and the most fantastic company! Thank you for just being all-round awesome❣️ May you go from strength to strength, but never lose the personal touch that makes you so unique and special.  -Annie, Parkwood
Mini Bag , March 1, 2018

Thank you- I am really enjoying the quality, service and convenience, with great food, that I receive from Munching Mongoose! -Noleen, Bedfordview
Mini Bag , March 1, 2018

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