Marshmallow Egg Mousse

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Marshmallow Egg Mousse

Indulgent little balls chocolate goodness.


- 200 grams chopped up marshmallow easter eggs – I like the Cadburys ones.

225 grams dark chocolate – I used 70% Lindt dark chocolate, I reckon even darker would have been nice.

500mls whipping cream.

125mls milk

A pinch of salt

For the bowls – 6 x real egg-sized hollow chocolate eggs. This recipe makes quite a fair amount of mousse so you can either buy more eggs or just fill some dessert glasses


1. Heat the marshmallows, dark chocolate and milk in a pot over a medium heat, make sure you are continuously stirring the mixture. Heat until the marshmallows and chocolate are melted then cool completely.

2. Using a hand-held mixer whip your cream in a separate bowl until stiff peaks form.

3. Then gently fold your cooled marshmallow/chocolate mixture into the whipped cream until well mixed.

4. Make sure you do this nice and gently so you don’t knock too much air out of it.

5. Now to make your chocolate bowls. Using a sharp knife that you’ve heated in a glass of boiling water, carefully slice the top of the chocolate eggs off one by one, dipping the knife back into the hot water before slicing each egg.

6. Spoon or pipe your mixture into your chocolate egg bowls, I filled mine to the top and then kept the lid for decoration. I used an egg carton to hold them upright in the fridge to set.

7. You can then cut the egg carton up to use as little stands to serve your eggs in, or you can just place them in an egg cup. 


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