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Avo on toast - Take 1

It's the start of avocado season! And we're kicking it off with an all-time favourite...
Serves 1

Basil Pesto

When life gives you a handful of fresh basil, make pesto! Basil is one of our favourite...
Serves 2

Cabbage Salad

A very quick and easy salad recipe to impress your loved ones as a side salad or...
Serves 4

Green Smoothie

A quick on-the-go sip snack to kick start your day or perhaps to enjoy in between...
Serves 1

Grilled Cheese with Roasted Broccoli

Broccoli made fun Quick and Easy Toastie
Serves 3

Halloumi in bacon

Halloumi & bacon. What more do you need? Great as a snack or as a side with a...
Serves 4

Mozzarella and Bacon Bites with...

It literally tastes as good as it looks. A simple recipe that packs a huge punch!

Mushroom and Green Bean Salad

The perfect recipe for hot weather that can be made hours before consumption and...

Roasted tomato & veg bruschetta

A tasty side or starter; crunchy bruschetta, slow-roasted tomatoes, seasonal veggies,...
Serves 6

Roasted turnips

Oven roasted turnips to warm you up! Mildly spicy, and delicious, give this easy...
Serves 4

Spinach, Mushroom & Ricotta Quiche

A fun and healthy treat recipe to help with your meat-free Monday. Awesome as a lunch...
Serves 12

Swiss Chard an Ricotta parcels

This recipe does contain a quite a few steps, but isn't really that hard to follow....

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